How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating And Some Signs To Look Out For

Published: 25th September 2007
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Are you having sleepless nights because of wondering whether your husband is cheating on you or not? Did he cheat on you before? If yes, were you the one who discovered about it or did he confess it to you? Do you have this feeling now that he is cheating on you again? These questions will certainly be nerve-wracking and will cause you sleepless nights if you do not know exactly how to tell if your husband is cheating.

Although woman's intuition is very strong, it is not enough that you base everything on such without any type of validation. So, before you lose your mind thinking whether your intuition is right or not, here are ways on how to tell if your husband is cheating and some signs to look out for.

The first sign that your husband is cheating on you is when he made sudden changes in his routine. Is he leaving the home earlier now than before? Does he come home later than usual and often tell you that he is going overtime at work? Did he suddenly stop going home for lunch while in fact he used to since your house is just a stone's throw away from his office?

These sudden changes in husband's routine are what first lead most wives, particularly those who spend the whole day at home, to suspect their husbands of cheating. But many are too afraid to go further, so they tend to rationalize and ignore these signs, only to realize in the end that indeed their husbands are cheating. If you observe all these routine changes, you might as well make your first step and that is to begin with the obvious.

Try to check his car for things that you think do not belong to you like strands of hair. How about his shirt, does it have lipstick stains? Or perhaps, when he comes home and kisses you, you can give him a hug after and check if he has the smell of different perfume. These steps may be simple, but these are very effective on how to tell if your husband is cheating.

Another sign that you should look out for is when he suddenly takes regular business trips which take him away from home for days, weeks, even months. If he has been promoted or transferred to another department that calls for frequent business trips, there is nothing to worry. But if not, then you should begin to suspect that he is doing something unusual and find other ways on how to tell if your husband is cheating.

Take note that a loving husband prefers to be home and be with you and the kids than to be out somewhere. Although it is difficult to prove your suspicions, you should never do any confrontations without any evidence to justify them. So, make the effort to gather evidences first so that if he denies, there is something that will back up your accusations.

These are just two of the major signs that you should look out for to help you how to tell if your husband is cheating. Other signs include going online late at night when he thinks you are already sleeping, late night telephone calls, frequent calls at home where the caller hangs up on you, and sudden changes in your sex life.

If you notice any of these, don't be aggressive and jump into conclusion that your husband is indeed cheating. Instead, make plans and take one step at a time since the clues are already there on how to tell if your husband is cheating.

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